A highlight from 134: Ask Craig & Chrissy! (With Chrissy Chlapecka - Part 2)


Welcome to part two of very special presentation of creggan friends. Ask craig and chrissy. We know i will ask will. Then we move onto well damage shan. Great me too right. It's got a pop to it and well damage shan wants to know. How can i get a better handle on anxiety. We know what finger two about this. So let's get into. What do you think. Oh man girl better here t 'cause there's a couple of different things like there's no curing it generally. It's just tatty manage. that is tough a think especially. It's harder for me to have a great answer right now because that's something. I have been struggling with so much lately. But that's why it's even better for you to answer that right. I mean because i get it. I understand set like i. Oh my god like i was literally in the er like to a month. I texted you. Think i was in the er. Because i had such a bad panic attack it really felt like it came out of nowhere. Like i addison stand to. It's just like been allowed having feeling that is really like feeling okay. I'm either gonna have full. Ask panic attack right now. Women have to talk down in. I think it's learning with yourself. The best way stock to yourself and those moments because people can help and god bless those people who help you as a woman you know and you know there for you understanding in those moments. But it's your had been spiraling key really in the end you really do like you can feel. It feels so out of control. But i think really talking to yourself and being your own friend in those moments is really important. Because that is how i evans hockey myself down. A lot recently is just like okay. We're okay like what lately. When i whenever i'm in a car i start to freak out load. I start to have some of that panic attack. That's where that she had happened. I like just randomly had in the car and ever since then every time. I am in a car. I mike in a car. Nothing's happening like okay. Like hypothetically if i have another panic attack after that panic attack i will be fine and i think even realizing that like sayigh freak out. Say this happens tomorrow. I'm going to be okay. I'm going to recover from it. But i'm i'm going to be fine. I'm not gonna feel like this forever. This feeling doesn't stay forever. It ends at some point right and just knowing that absolutely helps especially when as you said when you have that moment where you're like okay. Oh i'm sorry to feel. The short breathing happening the shallow breathing on top of the staircase. And i'm about to slide down the whole thing or fall down ass over tea kettle. And i i didn't make it. I didn't save myself. That is the terrible feeling but then just try to go with it and whatever you can do to make it feel better like you said talking to yourself. We both use we which i love We're gonna be fine. We're going to be fine. And sometimes they say sweetheart into the mirror sweetheart. It's fine it's okay we're going to be okay. This is going to end and all the thoughts are having those loops in spirals. They're not real and we're going to put those away and that's not the case sometimes put on music really loud and dance around Or when you give in there's no other alternative but to be on the couch and we're going to get some chinese food edet maybe drugs. Whatever i'm not saying this or that right could be could be aspirin. you know. don't don't descend need your soon. What about what i'm saying. And exactly and then just ride it out and eventually you'll be able to go to sleep.

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