Wet Notes - 4-9-21


This is wet notes here scuba shock radio for april ninth two thousand and twenty one first up today. I'd like to give you an update on new netflix. Documentary see spiracy. You might recall that. I introduced you to this film in a previous segment of wet notes. Well it did premiere on netflix's advertised. And i had a chance to watch. She spiracy a couple of weeks ago. The film is eighty nine minutes long and it can be captivating and controversial. Like i said this is certainly raising a great deal controversy especially as it relates to sustainable seafood and fishing. There's a couple of organizations that they called out into spiracy earth island institute and the marine stewardship council actually marine stewardship council issued a response on their website within days of the premier and every day. I see something more coming out related to the controversy. But i encourage you to watch the film and then decide for yourself about what it is saying like. I said lots of controversy. That's spiracy on net flicks now. Here's something that. I found really interesting. I came across an article that talked about how scientists are using thin wales to map out what lies beneath the sea floor. Now according to to seismologists vaclav kina from the czech academy in prague and john nab elec of oregon state university in corvallis oregon the song of the fin. Whales are loud enough to penetrate the earth's crust and revealed deep structures. I guess they have a network of fifty four bottomed size meter seismometers that the tech sound waves traveling through the ground and they picked up the of whales as they were passing by. Now they have a one hundred and eighty nine decibels song and that song can last from two and a half to five hours as they did more analysis they were able to map the underlying rock structures. According to these guys this is just as effective as those air cannons that are polluting the ocean with all that noise how practical this is yet to be seen. But you've gotta admit it is interesting. Now here's an update on the lectured aluminum tanks situation. You might recall back at the end of february. I told you about luxembourg Decision to exit the aluminum tank business and that they were looking to sell their plants in the us and the uk more. Here's some good news. Metal impact out of elk grove village in illinois is acquiring the graham north carolina luxembourg cylinder plant metal impact is no stranger to scuba tank business. They've been around since nineteen fifty nine and in two thousand fourteen. They purchase worthington. Aluminum cylinders has been providing aluminum scuba tanks to excess scuba and see pearls for a number of years. We've got quite a few from excess scuba over the past couple of years and so we're pretty familiar with metal impacts. This is some good news for the. Us aluminum Scuba tank supply chain. There's absolutely no doubt that. The pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the scuba industry. But i guess it's not all bad news if you happen to be in the right place and it seems that hawaii is those right places especially for new diver certifications. There's a recent article in scuba diving magazine. Titled more hawaiians getting certified than before the pandemic turns out that even though the travel has been restricted to and from the islands more locals are turning to scuba aloha scuba on awad who had reported a one hundred and twenty percent increase in new diver certifications. In two thousand and twenty. They went from twenty seven in two thousand and nineteen to eighty three in two thousand and twenty spurred by whole families going for they're open water certification with some great diving. It certainly makes sense to mask up and dive in our aloha state. Last week i was trying to see if the ocean based climate solutions act of two thousand and twenty was being introduced in this session of congress. Well no update on that yet but i did come across something very interesting. There is a house select committee on the climate crisis now. This committee was created during the one hundred sixteenth congress. That was the last one so it hasn't been around long. But they did produce a climate action plan of two thousand twenty. And that's called the congressional action plan for a clean energy economy and a healthy resilient and just america committee is chaired by representative. Kathy castor from florida and the ranking chair is representative garrett graves from louisiana now. I watched their organizing meeting from march nineteenth. Let's say there's just a little bit of difference on the ideas of how to approach In the approaches in making the us carbon zero by two thousand fifty but as representative castor stated. It's time to turn recommendations into policy. Now i'll be tracking our actions and keep you updated here and finally you might recall. Last year the uss bonham rashard an eight hundred forty four foot long and fibia assault ship burned out of control for five days. Now that was in san diego california. But now senator. Marco rubio from florida is proposing that the ship be used to create an artificial reef down in florida little bit of background. The navy did some cost analysis On what it would take to restore the ship to operational status an estimated that that would be somewhere between two point. Five and three point five billion dollars but the cost to decommission and scrap the bonham rashard would be about thirty million dollars. Senator rubio didn't provide any details on where the ship might be sunk and be become an artificial reef but he did say that it could be done for less than thirty million dollars to scrap the ship. This word Happened it would be. We'll keep an eye on it and see where it goes. Fingers crossed that will have another artificial reef down in florida. Something that big to dive on. Well that's it for this installment of wet notes for april ninth. Two thousand and twenty

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