Do You Truly Have What It Takes To Succeed? (Part 2) - burst 05


They're selling their exactly what Julie and I just said for the reasons that we just set it be honest with yourself your find it appealing because your ego wants to be have a sense of recognition of what you're really doing is you're selling your opportunity to ever have Financial Freedom, which NEP performer knows is their ultimate goal. And for the importance. We're about to start showing with yes Point number eight Peak performers know that they must create a personal financial Freedom. They know that they must have all their personal financial needs completely covered by a passive sources of income. They give themselves permission to actually be a financially free be dissatisfied with not being financially free. They know that once they're rich where their money is working for them and they're no longer working for their money then and only then will they be free to truly create and be of service do they get that there are constantly working on that and they're not weird about it. I thought it's interesting giving yourself permission to be financially free, you know, I think we could do podcast on any one of these girls Did you just give me another compliment? That's right. Your head might be growing. I do have to cut back. Do I need to remind you? I wrote this know so but I mean that is that is really good. How many I mean how many people really thought of it that way to give yourself permission to be financially free to give yourself permission to actually work towards that versus you know, just accepting the mediocrity of being a slave to the restraint access to give yourself permission is because most people don't give their self confession because they don't know what comes on their side if not having to work for money where they're essentially living off passive income, but I'll tell you what comes on the other side of that is a sense of relief package that you can't even fathom how significant it is because on the other side of that in your here's another little myth was a lot of people say they even say this themselves once I don't have to work for money money is finally worked for me. I'm just going to stop working that's not true the nature of the work you do and whom you do it with completely changes. That's what the big difference is. As soon as you're financially free. You don't just decide to basically log Put you. Well, you might for like a day or two, right? You know, you might decide to go fishing for a little while, but that's going to get boring and what you're going to now realize is all the energy and stress. You've been putting forth just to make ends meet pay your bills. Now. You don't have to worry about that anymore. You are going to have this your own personal Renaissance and you might and

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