Good morning. Yeah. Shooting.


Of Man they were drunk. Uh, well, the end of cocoa. I really hard the end of cocoa. I did several times in cocoa. Someone in the chat chat room brings up odd, Thomas. And that's kind of like a horror movie. It is heartbreaking sadness, the fast and the furious one. Katie. Yeah, it is. Okay, bill. It is I will stand by my answer. Here's a good one. My husband still cries at the scene that Bruce Willis dies on Armageddon every time not a crying. That's my It was better than the Spielberg scene at the end of private wrong. You shut up about saving private Ryan. Bill When the you walk dies in return of the Jedi. I got me a little bit. I have to say. Eliza's grave of the fireflies. It's an enemy, okay? Yeah. You can't just call and say it's an eighties movie and expect us to go. Oh, Oh, yeah. Try describing it, you know? Let's see a lot of the green mile lot of last of the Mohicans. Here's the best answer, and we'll finish here. At the end of green lantern when I realized I just paid for that, Yeah. All right. I'll

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