4 seriously injured as Chicago shooting leads to crash with street sweeper


Kennedy just a slight delay in about at Augusta, just under 20 minutes from O'Hare downtown. It's clear in from Montrose and album Lancer Clear to the express lanes in bounder wide open as well. Stevenson. Some work on that exit to the Dan Ryan. It's got it down to one lane, and there's a crash out about on the Ryan at 79th. Now, three right lanes are blocked 25 minutes out to 95th, and that time likely to go up. Bishop forward Outbound salad from 1/30 Steel Bridge. There's a car fire in the right lane. And some gay pers and the inbound lanes to it smelled 33 from the Dan Ryan to 80 94, then in Portage Park. There's Irving Park. Cicero in Milwaukee, all closed for police activity because of that crash earlier this morning, and four people were hurt in that shooting and fiery crash near the six Corners intersection on the Northwest side. It happened around 2 30 this morning at the corner of Irving Park, Cicero and Milwaukee in Portage Park. Police said the car hit a parked a street sweeper, which caused both vehicles to burst into flames. Police say three people inside the car were taken to the hospital in serious condition. One of them a 32 year old woman had been shot three times in the stomach. The driver of the car was taken into custody. Alcohol is believed to have been a factor in the crash. Facebook is adding informational labels to posts about getting covert 19 vaccines as the tech giant tries to counter vaccine related miss information on its

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