New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo responds to calls to resign


To a big unraveling story in the world politics new york governor andrew cuomo who drew national attention for his handling of the pandemic early on now facing a growing pressure campaign over allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior on the job. Seven women have now accused cuomo of some kind of misconduct. Both of new york senators and the majority of the states house. Democrats have called on the governor to step down cuomo who was photographed today on the phone while wrapped in a blanket. Outside the governor's mansion in albany. New york again said he's not going to resign and again denied harassing or abusing any one. I did not do what has been alleged period politicians who don't know a single fact but yet form a conclusion and then opinion are in my opinion reckless and dangerous people know the difference between playing politics bowing to cancel culture. And the truth. I'm not going to resign late today. Both of new york's us senators gillibrand and schumer released a statement that read in part quote due to the multiple credible sexual harassment and misconduct allegations. It is clear that governor cuomo has lost the confidence of his governing partners and the people of new york governor cuomo should resign now faces an impeachment inquiry for the harassment allegations and for accusations of misconduct related to his offices. Handling of corona virus death data. In new york's nursing homes.

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