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Today. Polystyrene i m cliche is directed by both her daughter. Celeste bell and documentary maker pulsing charting the rise of marian elliott as she was born. She saw yellow pages ad became polystyrene and formed punk band x ray specs as we know in this foam. Celeste goes through her mother's archive and visits. The places of hutch halted. So let's listen to the trader to get a feel for it. Some people think little go should have. But i think my mother was punk rock icon. People have asked me if she was a good mom. It's hard to know what to say your rebel. Today's society paulie had our own ideas. Student full fully trends. She was a woman of color in. Dc full of white middle class. men was singing. polly was singing about. I fell in love with her. I fell in. The news actually started singing. Because right we will dive right in nora snaps point. He was a big personality but as we see her life was extremely complicated on. This is as much. Her daughter's journey as police starring life story. Was that a good way in. I think definitely I think by this point. We also board like punk defecation. This point know the way. The bbc fool punk document generation. That watches him in the in the same way. That like my dad and grandad generation. What war documentaries old thing again and again and I think it's focus the that it's kind of deified in such a like i wasn't like incredible and radical umbro which it was in some ways but also rian just reinforced the status quo in other ways. Like the thing. I think is really great why i feel like the rohbock of this narrative restarted with like the vowel between book which From a couple of years ago when she you know really gets to the kind of watson order of it in a way that is much more punk than saying like. Oh we great you know like sex pistols type branding and i thought that this documentary was like a really peaceful continuation overseas. Not done by polystyrene by her daughter. And i think it's testament polystyrene like complexity and also to her sensitivity. But then i'll say for her callousness towards adulterer as well. I think it makes were much more well rounded portray of somebody and also no. It doesn't just a pain releasing on her. You know she has her own issues but it looks at how they're exacerbated by the society around like a mixed race woman in london at that time in the punk scene. There's a bit wet don. Let says that she goes and shaves her head while she's a party jordan lydon's house and when winter comes back down they just love her releasing. That seem horrendous. In retrospect i'm sure we're just kind of par for the course in in the seventy s and the other thing i was gonna say i think is important is she wasn't postponed. She was punk like she's really part of the the formative dna not very easily gets forgotten. Like when i was a teenager Bought three for twelve pounds. Buzzcocks clash kind of burundi's wound go from and see a whatever it was but it took a lot longer. It's come across x ray specs and to hear them kind of debt day fight in the way that they deserve She had a rough up. Brixton upbringing. shoes booted at school. Punk rock was a place for outsiders is the cliche but actually you see that. It's inevitable that she is going to get drawn to something that's so creative but also that she can break whatever more that she feels that she has been put into yet absolutely I think one thing that's really striking by the way that she Shared her images. While is the like. Obviously i don't want a undress will. The sex pistols did two like bridge society but fundamentally that kind of just like a boy band put together by iron. Witten really edgy branding. And that whole thing is is about dog individualism. When really it was really nothing the saw. And i think that you know. Even the police die polystyrene style for rewards more individual. She recognized herself as a cliche. And she played with the idea of like branding and identity in a way that i find much more interesting than just like sticking a safety pin on it And i think we have to use it. Today were authenticity. It comes from a very real place whether the sex pistols Taped on summertimes travis. The problems with poly seem to stem from x ray specs residency. Cbgb's in new york when they went over us punks hauled coal. There were a lot more into drugs. And i think that london it seems to say. Was this the breaking point for the band. Is this the kind of crux in the film. I think so. I mean i mean. That's the argument fuel. Makes the About what happened to the u k Members of the dolls came over an introduced heroin to the to the uk seen quite quite a heavy way otten Concur with everything that lord said about film. I think The framing the fact that it has selected celeste stories. Her as she's dealing with navas legacy in some respects her mother had had semi other people's expectations about what she should be being Star as in and being mixed race being hauled somali in britain and she's just so in the clips that they use the archive clips which from most of them from a a great arena documentary from nineteen seventy-nine he was she's just so alive him sparking intelligence on which me a very funny and in most What she's doing. I think you know how easy it is to get coal topping to the move Nexus these achieved up by the film. I descend Points about the breakdown. the failure in a way to work out. How will she is. She's diagnosed with schizophrenia. Kind of putting for bit. has serious by disorder Move into harry christmas On also in places you alluded to neglect which she treats celeste points during the spirit journey and was pursuing a common all and happened. How different thoughts regarding way with the male and female office Think about lockdown about. How much care women having to take on board and also agree with. I think that when another book that i would put in the frame is what is alvin. Is is kathy. Adams was drafted memoir of juden in other key. Figure the kind prison to look look upon pumpkin kind of liberating. It wasn't how you think about kind of male violence. Where is actually to the nearly point it was it was quite at transgressive sexually A lot of the gay pubs and clubs were up with the next to solve it. I'm so i can imagine that. The film doesn't does kind of raise interesting questions. As well as celeste father is interviewed in it on one of us and absent biggest because he died. regional manager. And pau falcons stewart. Now again. Severi seventeen seventy six. He was quite a bit older than when they get and how much care and they seem to hide it to a certain extent as well a friends didn't really know whether they were going out with each other or not. We just didn't look particularly cool Strangely enough this film from that era with hangs connor in it could breaking gloss than nyein and strangely seems to be almost so the police story in way which becomes this incredible figure And has sta machiavellian manage aaron and has this breakdown and so on so until daniels place. This full manager boyfriend Is i think it's really five documentary. Actually i think you mentioned he was a guest. Shot means the fact that one of zoe's earlier books whose how's your dad's some which is a an account to of stars children's. She's absolutely perfect for collaborator. On this end coming book as other as good as andrew. Did you like this a did. I really liked it because as as long as it's very fresh indifference it's a dream like quality. This is very much not your friday night documentary. Which begins with the stock footage of the miners. Strike rubbish piling in the winter of discontent. Yeah i've always about acronyms because hatches and didn't stop not your kind of off the pex tickets sold. It's it is a personal journey. It's quite slow and quite like i say quite dreamlike and which i found very refreshing change from the usual stakeouts poke documentary. I remember when i was a kid. I thought i thought police really disturbing because i lived in a very white suburban middle of nowhere type place and you just seems so odd and the fact that she but were shut brace on top of the pops and i now say that that is really good thing that it should be disturbed a little. You not white kids in places where i lived in in middle. middle class. spices. To encounter is person who didn't look like a boss didn't like pasta but was absolutely transfixed thing

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