A highlight from Cam Marston Interviews Karen: The Takeover Show

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Hey everybody welcome to cheers to business. I'm cam marston. If this voice sounds different than what you're expecting that's because this is a takeover show and you're gonna listen to me interview. Karen simmons today. She's been behind the mic for years. Driving this podcast today. She's behind the mic answering questions. That i'm gonna pose to her. Karen thank you and welcome to your show. Thank you so much for having me. This is going to be fun. Well i've never been asked questions on my own. Podcast and i would be nervous. I hope you're a little bit nervous because those nerves. Bring out some crazy responses. We don't know exactly where this is going to go. You obviously have not listened to my show show. I've been a guest on. And i think if there are no holds barred. Let's get started. What of these people who've been listening to you for years. What would surprise them about you. Elvis presley kissed me on the forehead. When i was a child. What else i grew up with. No air conditioner heat with my brother and sister in a skiff going in mobile bay with my dad of fish literally jumped into our boat. Here we go. These are great stories here off the top of my head. No kidding this without even trying cut mama's kitchen on fire. Yeah you've got these great stories so in flash forward. How many years later you've bought and sold in owned in participated in how many different businesses from a woman that caught her mama's kitchen on fire to the ceo. Cfo of how many different businesses now currently cfo of six of which i own fitting companies fifteen companies. All right. take me from elvis kissing you on the forehead to participating in fifteen different companies. I mean it's just a remarkable story. What do people need to know about you. Well you do what you have to do. How do you define that. You don't get grading you treat fairly and you keep after you're not scared to jump. Yeah i think that scared to jump is something that so many people and i'm raising my hand here. Metaphorically deal with what's out there. We don't know how far the bottom is but you seem to do it without hesitation. That can't be the case you've got to evaluate you've got a measure you've got to analyze you. Don't just jump. Sometimes i have and sometimes to my detriment. You're not gonna have parachute every time. But i do have deep faith and so when you listen to whatever is inside of you telling you something. Unless they're weird little voices then. That's god trying to tell you the right thing to do so when my gut gets excited and it looks like a win win win. I don't believe in two inns. I believe in three wins. Who wins win number. One me you've and everybody around us. I see okay. The community the customer. Whoever it may be if you find a need and you price it fairly and it's a win win win. You have a successful business. I don't care what you're doing. When did you get interested in if i read the bio correctly accounting. Got you kind of your start in this. Tell me why that rose to the surface in your world. I was hungry. Well you could have. Let's say become a welder. You could have got helmet a drug dealer. You could have become an actress. You could become a heating and cooling specialist since you seem to value heating and cooling without having it as a child until it paper and toilet paper. I don't know what a toilet paper specialist looks like. Let's not talk about it. But what would but of all the things you could have launched into. Why accounting are you figures person. Do you love a balance sheet in la balance and i love fairness and it makes sense.

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