Newsom Recall Faces Bureaucratic Hurdles


Fighting back against an effort to have him recalled from office. His opponents claim to have enough signatures on a petition to get that recall effort on a ballot seems keen brought its first aggressive response to the recall effort against him, including text messages, emails and a new ad who's behind the partisan recall of Governor Gavin Newsom. It's Newsome versus the Republicans in an online ad that debuted Monday, paid for by the California Democratic Party. Which has contributed $250,000 to support him staying in office. The governor himself tweeted, he's ready to fight back. I think it's too late. It tells you how nervous they are about him not making it. John Dennis, San Francisco's Republican Party chair who has been leading local efforts to gather signatures for the recall, says this isn't about partisanship and a growing number of signatures is coming from outside the Republican Party. That's a magus reporting the organizer's have until tomorrow to submit their petition against Newsome. Nyssa,

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