Oath Keeper Coordinated With Proud Boys Before Washington DC Capital Riot


News. 2300 National Guard troops have arrived in Washington, D. C. This comes after the mission to protect the capital following the riot was extended another two months as federal prosecutors piece together what happened on January 6th. They now believe that two groups conspired together. Prosecutors argued Kelly Meg's should not be released ahead of trial, writing in court documents that the member of the oath Keeper militia group conspired with the proud boys ahead of the capital riot. They submitted Facebook messages, they say, Meg's wrote, announcing he'd organized an alliance with the oath keepers, Florida three percenters and proud boys to quote work together to shut this expletive down. And another message. He called the proud boys a force multiplier and wrote that he believed President Trump wanted them to make it wild at the Capitol. Prosecutors allege that Meg's wanted to stop the certification of the electoral college vote and was prepared to use violence if

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