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Bald and Blonde


And now i'd like to give you another great example how to not take things personally because it has to do with our own stuff in quotes i call it also our sore points what you refer to as triggers the trigger is something that's coming from the outside world and what does it trigger. It triggers an old wound. That's never really healed. Yes and morgan. Freeman great actor. And of course i feel fond of him because he was one of the main actors in the movie driving miss daisy and of course. I'm kind of fun of him. He was interviewed by journalists from austria regarding discrimination and disadvantage of afro americans here in the united states and the abstract that i'm referring to end the book is solely meant to be viewed. Psychologically regarding hurts and the sore points. So i'm going to read it as i voted my book. She the journalist. What happens when i say you are black. He morgan freeman nothing. She why not he. What happens if i call you. Austrian stupid cow. She nothing he why not she. I don't feel it does address to me. He see me neither she. Is that the trick to not take. It personally addressed he. Yes you call me black then you had the problem and not me because you are using the wrong word by me not feeling it address towards me. I am leaving you alone with your problem. Now that's powerful us wise men. He

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