Welby Accely: Scammed, Cheated, But Still Coming Out with 50 Units


All welby. Welcome to bigger pockets. Podcasts man at the often have here. I appreciate it man. I can't even believe i'm here. They can got so much for this opportunity for sure man. Well let's dig into your story. Let's go to the very beginning. I know you went in real estate and several phases so to the very very beginning. What was your first venture into real estate. Investing my first venture in the real estate. If i could maybe go back a little bit of mind my first idea of ever being in real estate is when i was about maybe seventy eight years old. I was living in the projects in brooklyn where my parents my family and my godfather he was doing pretty good for himself what he would come and visit us and you would always have these nice fancy causing dress. Nice and later on us. When i found out an understood that he was in real estate he owned one or two properties yet his own brokerage and stuff like that and i would be able to go visit him in the suburbs of long island and i was always intrigued by the fact that i was able to ride my bicycle in the middle of the street versus where we would live in that. We couldn't do things like that. From that point when i understood that that's what he did was in real estate. I knew that some way somehow somewhere in my life i was going to be involved in real estate somehow so fast forward my first time actually purchased them our first home in real estate sometime around two thousand and four is when i purchased my first home. Was that the house for yourself to live in. No actually. I live in new york and i decided to buy a multi unit in atlanta. And this is right where subprime mortgages were going crazy and as long as you had a pulse you'd be able to get a mortgage so i was able to get a mortgage hundred and six percent financing so didn't really come out of pocket. Anything and i was able to acquire a four unit building and from the day. I bought it. It was a disaster from the day aboard.

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