A highlight from 3400: Finding Oneself w/ Jenny Zigrino


You wait heard. That was swallowed. Guys it's too late to apologize faulk. We're live hey hi everybody. Welcome to keith. And the girl. I'm keith malley i'm handed. Did you say swallow guys. This is embarrassing. It's a song kinda whenever you see. It's like a guy thing you see a tough guy right being a real jerk. And you're like i'm gonna swallow your jerk unanimity. Get at a hair. I'll suck you right out of the neighborhood. Wow i've been very tough without knowing it. Yeah swallow guy with the hope. You weren't supposed to hear it anyway. Hi everybody silent. Trailers tickets are now up. You know the game. Show ken the right. I mean big idiot when it comes to movies when it comes to actors and actresses even more so so henda describes a movie trailer that she's watching and the contestants have to guess what the movie was. I saw every movie ever made as opposed to Learning emotion so i go against a group of people and we We get it done last time we

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