Flying to New Zealand in 2021


Get i am welcome to episode fifty nine of af on its saturday. The first of may two thousand and twenty one. The trans tasman travel bubble between his trailer. New zealand is now well and truly arcton and thousands of these have already flipped to new zealand. Take advantage of it in this episode. Chatou alan land from netwave travel about the bible. And what you need tonight before travelling. Td's alienated the mainland. Also coming up how you can claim back. The gs on items eve boy in australia before leading the country for example to new zealand through the tourist refund scheme. And what happens to your frequent flier points after you die that and more is on the way but first let's begin as always with a roundup of the latest alien and frequent flyer news from the past fortnight. Firstly qantas says it has now fixed. What appears to have been a widespread problem that so customers with canceled. Classic flight were bookings for multiple passengers only receiving a refund for one passenger in response to questions from sterling. Frequent flyer quanta said that it had identified a temporary issue affecting some moti passenger bookings which has now been fixed but some sterling frequent-flyer members say that they've still experienced this issue in recent weeks. Is that if you have requested a refund for booking with multiple passages over the past few months from quantity might just want to double check that you have received in full. And if you haven't you might want to call qantas to get it rectified. Speaking of refunds if members have also discovered that if you're still waiting for refund of a cash fa or tax component of an award booking from qantas. You can call after eight weeks and the coal santa stop should then be able to process your refund on the spot. But only if you've already been waiting for at least eight weeks. Most destroy state borders have now reopened to travelers from perth and the peo- regions of western australia. After the city's three lockdown ended last. Monday night most states as well as new zealand had removed. Temporary restrictions added on arrivals from perth by the middle of this week and salvage tralee removed its remaining restrictions yesterday afternoon at the time of recording. Victoria is the only state which hasn't yet removed over

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