Esports League Rundown


Start this week over here and most beautiful place. On god's green earth in downtown santa monica with the l. c. s. aright where the grass is green and. The pain is over fifty. We are starting with our week. Five results here starting at the top of the table. We've got an interesting rundown for you in terms of standings and by interesting i mean this should come as absolutely zero surprise to anyone who's been falling for any amount of time here this year in first place cloud nine at ten and two tied for second we have. Tsm and one hundred thieves at eight and four fourth place as a three way. Tie to round out your playoff teams evil geniuses dignatories and team liquid all remain in control of their destiny immortals to entire games behind in seventh place. Fly quest down there at four and eight and eighth and tied for ninth place. We've got seal g and golden guardians. Who that's for the in terms of standings. Let's talk cloud nine top of the table. In how did they do this week. Nine had a banger of a weekend. I'm really really satisfied with how this team performed this weekend. Everyone is looking fantastic right now. Honestly perks has some absolutely popoff. Plays on yasuo in the blank. This weekend He was looking awesome blabber. Just absolutely runs train on one hundred thieves on olaf. He's still looking amazing. I honestly don't understand how this guy still getting. Olaf when champion pool is more like an ocean. I guess you know. It's kind of hard to ban out. Everyone right yeah and then you know they also had just a pretty good win vs golden guardians. This was a really really good week for c. Nine they displayed a a show of dominance that i think is important for them to show versus lower tier teams and upper tier teams like hundred thieves the takeaway from this weekend see nine looking fantastic. I'm happy with this team. And my favorite thing about this team this season so far is they have displayed the ability to play like everything they can play. All sorts of different team calms they can play all sorts of different styles and be super successful on it so lots to love from. Cnn radio man. I wonder what it's like to be a fan of a team. That's like the best in the region. Can you feel so good what it feels like to be yankees fan fan now recently. Hey man at least. I always tell myself no matter how bad things get. At least i'm not. Cgi got even fan. Just seal g actually entire org. at least you're as an entity the idea mostly. Yeah yeah oh yeah. I was just gonna say overall c nine great weekend moving on. Yeah and i think a key point here is they did go up against one. Hundred thieves created separation against a team. That's currently tied for second. They did in just such an incredible manner. It was like every single lane. One like blabber just played out of his mind perks actually styled on monday on the blank it was just such an awesome game. In addition to that there was actually a little not really an interview but ls during. I think it was a co starring. He was doing as well. Fudge seanang fudge came on just chatted back and forth with him a little bit and revealed that perks. Basically said yeah. It's just demonte. I could totally take leblanc into him and fucking popped off. I think he got a level. Three solo kill level three or level. Four to play a little vision. Game with perks had award kinda thwarted the whole thing and it cost him onto his life. Basically and the game like there's no way or less. Yeah that snowballed everything out of control so his brutal really really. Well played for nine showing that even if they were close in the standings. This matchup is just so nine favored. There's also been a lot of chatter specifically from people who are in the know that one hundred thieves has a major mental block against the nine. They absolutely hate playing against him. So little fun. Little tidbits for y'all there. All right seni- jumping down to. Let's talk about the two teams tied aid right now for second place. Tsm and hundred thieves. We'll start with the less fun. One which is of course hundred thieves. Who has kinda struggled a little bit throughout the course of this entire split. Not looking nearly as strong as i think we all would of hoped. Jack's talked me about their weekend. All right so other than the cloud nine game that we just touched on mcleod nine blew them out of the water. Hundred thieves mostly had a good weekend. They beat seattle g. They had a close call but they then recovered from their close call. Took control of the game back from seattle jian won the game Close calls is more of like they. Lucked out into a wake-up hopefully they don't make same kind of mistakes of leading finn. Just do ridiculous nar things when his team's losing miserably they literally flipped a to k gold lead into four k gold back. Yeah and flip within like eight minutes. Yeah it was stupid. That's nuts g. You can hear this hill shawn's voice because the game had it but from the perspective of hundred thieves like other than the one mistake that was such a huge swing the game. Well they played really well against dignatories capping the shit out of fate god and the rest of the team playing fine or or well depending on the player like demonte didn't have a great day in general. Don't they didn't have a great weekend in general. Let's be honest but then yeah the cloud nine game like to cut blown out in twenty four minutes. It was brutal you mentioned it was monte attempts to do a bush play like bait something to get away and that was the only thing like someday played without respect for fudge it all and got punished repeatedly for it like it was rough. It was really rough.

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