Spurs Crash Out of Europe



Old gentlemen. We'll be starting to show a team. I was against exactly what we will start as dina's grab going through three two on aggregate to josie marino's side dawn halfway through this matchy text me going. No way they lose this in reference. The spurs absolute didn't didn't see losing it. But i would. Horrendous performance was i mean it was ridiculous it was saw by the players. Didn't even look interested. Josie after the game. He was flabbergasted. Must think he's looking at this scorning and this is not a team full of men. This the t michael manage because every now and again this team and some of these individuals go missing. How this happens tv i would. I would have to say it comes down. A lot of it comes down to two konica to be honest with you. You know. I've been in a situation away from home against a aid. The get a goal. There's a huge get behind them and you get swallowed up in the atmosphere that to me is a legitimate excuse. But they don't have excuse me. I want a sola again. This was basically mon- against mon- hoover's the the better character the strength of character to kick on is gonna win this game and a premier league sade couldn't face a team that quite frankly shocked his all by one game. Was it just complacency. Is it out simple. Shang obviously winning. The i like to know just think iraq beginning to get the job done but also scored. They're really like there was only getting we. One would vons thought the first half it was quite clearly two teams. Who who would determine not to concede the for school. And that's what you still forty-five minutes had sixty something percent. Possession couldn't concreted any meaningful opportunities and then in the second half the moselle grab just. They made the transition better. Daddy started to play on the front foot. They went looking for goals. There had to an indian win spurs needed to kind of play on the front foot. There's no they could do. And despite the changes jersey marino bringing hurricane an dome valley it was just a team that seemed more comfortable defending than attacking despite all the attacking players they had in their lineup. Maybe we're on the selling this slightly robert but this is a huge deal isn't it. It's a massive deal because he's not the first time spurs the plate in this manner this season. There's been four or five occasions where they've lacked energy. They've let the right attitude. The started game slowly and then not be not to get back into it and you have to criticize the place but you have to criticize. The manager didn't look as though they were prepared to battle today. They didn't look sent out on the pitch ready to fight for the place in the next round until the going to the opposition and again comes down to the manager as well as the players marino off. The tv said he warned the place. He warned them about complacency going of the second leg. And is it just a case that i didn't listen or he didn't set them up properly would suggest that the probably just too many of them are too comfortable. And just think that when these step on the field is going to happen. I mean looking at say that he here the majority in fact ninety nine percent say played in the champions league final two years ago. No the register get knocked over the league by by menno So i i. The was come for for big changes as far as the plan. Personnel are consumed and asked to be quickly. Otherwise josie is in trouble. Because he's supposed to be this great mon- monitor that we've been talking about for for the decade will clearly. He can't get this team going. And so you'll have the shit limo because if you don't and you can't motivate them. The normal thing that will happen is you'll isn't dead man. Walking don a theme think it seems like donna gospel great question on bt sports afterwards the question to you and you get the feeling. Do you and your players. Do you think you're going to change course in terms of you'll have to get rid of some of your players. Or is he gonna get the sock josie any waffle little bit. It didn't really want to throw him under the bus. Check get live on tv. But it would be. I think would be better off served of josie. Just turn around. And set it bluntly this team. I call manage in terms of getting sucked but the individuals. He called manage because they haven't got the backbone the and got the character you know when you go away from home. You've gotta you gotta show character. You gotta show blood sweat. And tears are your willing to die for tottenham shirt go through in europe and zagreb would all of that tenfold brilliant. You've seen the scenes after the game. They were they left. Everything on the pitch. And joey must be looking not dressing room. You must be looking at individuals and brilliant when you stick them all down on paper you put the squad down on paper and using our any manager in the world we want to manage this squad. I'm not sure you dig a little bit deeper. How motivated some of these players

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