Sable Hotel Navy Pier opening today with Lake Michigan, Chicago skyline views


It's a big opening day today at Navy Pier even though the pier is still closed, Big New Hotel is opening and the CEO at Maverick Hotels and restaurants is with us now, Bob Bobby, How you doing, Bob? Good morning bombs. I admire you because let's see Navy Pier temporarily closed probably till spring, and the hotel business is tough right now, But you're going ahead with the big opening today. How do you feel about it All? Honestly, we feel good. I think our timing is right. You know, we finished the construction of the hotel in November and decided it wasn't the right time to open and narrowed forward until today, and It just feels right today. We're telling people that it's probably the only time in history they'll have Navy appeared of themselves and then the period when the period opens, that we think that the You know, there'll be a reverse of activity down counts. Now talk about why you're calling this stable. That's name of the hotel s A B l E. What's that all about? You know, that's a great story for those of your listeners. That historians shit downtown Chicago Lord, you know that During the Second World War, Navy pier was actually Enable training facility and they ward an aircraft carrier off the end of the pier to train pilots and take off and touchdown landings. And that crack carrier was the USS able And we thought that was just a great connection for the pier and a terrific story and we decided to name the hotel after that aircraft carrier disable. Yeah, This is this is quite some property and tell us a little bit about the hotel. You have Ah, lot of meeting space and event space. And what is it more than 200 guest rooms in the hotel? 223 guest rooms at the same time that we're opening the hotel will be opening a new restaurant on the pier Lyrica. Which is I was inspired by Latin cuisine, small plates and and share a bles and so on. The hotel also has about 5000 Square feet of meeting space. And, of course, is Probably five FT from Festival Hall, which is the second largest Free span space in the city of Chicago. So we're blessed with a lot of amenities. Bob, I know you've been in the hospitality of business for 40 years. I'm sure you've never seen anything like we've gone through in the past year with the pandemic. The hotel occupancy rates right now. About half what they were two years ago today, But I love that you're optimistic. Talk about why you you feel so positively about all this. I think we're going to see people come out of their caves in big numbers through the summer months, and I think we're already starting to see it. We've as an industry seen an uptick in reservations, future reservations. Um that where there's very courage Ng on the more that we see on the news people getting their vaccines and that the positivity rate has stayed in the relatively modest number more hope that we have by summer will be living our lives a little more normally, after the summer, we get back into the A part of the year that we live off so conventions and business travelers in Chicago and it might be a little bit more difficult, but I personally think the business traveler might come back faster than most people expect. You know, people do business in the city haven't seen their customers in the year and I'm sure they're ready to get back and text their their customers again. Well with your hotel opening today and also offshore, the world's largest rooftop bar. It's It's a great way to in enjoy the pier before all all the crowds come back and and speaking of those crowds. Ah, and I don't know how much you know about this Bob. But apparently Navy Pier is going to use some new optical sensors to monitor where crowds are and where they aren't so that at least as we get through the final what we hope will be the final months of the pandemic. People can Stay safe on the pier. And and that's the most important thing right now, isn't it? It is. Yeah, that's amazing technology. Yup, That's something that they're going to be using when they reopened this spring, and as far as the hotel goes and and the rooms You're sort of modeling everything so that it it pays homage to the pier and Chicago history. Correct Way had an entirely Chicago based team, including designer Jackie Coup architect designer Jack Cope and make you Construction who built the hotel and Jackie took great care to Not not make the hotel look like a cruise ship, but really not too bad, whole nautical theme and you see it whispered throughout the hotel and really were thrilled with the way that the hotel turned out. We're excited to get people over there. One of the interesting things about you know what we learned it offshore to our surprise was Offshore was not a tourist hang out. It was a local hangout. Upwards of 80% of our business were locals and we think we'll see the same with lyric and we think the hotel will will also be a great amenity for for us to live here in the city. It's uh, the curio collection by Hilton. That's the hotel the stable at Navy Pier and Bob Habib is the CEO at maverick hotels and restaurants. He's the

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