Keith, Space Force And Los Angeles discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


For you. We're going to Keith next. He's on a boat. In the port of Los Angeles. Welcome to the show, huh? How things going out there, Keith? How you doing, George? Okay, You're floating around out there? Uh, a little bit higher off the water than that, you might say. That's good. How's the weather your way? It's pretty brisk. It's pretty brisk. Um so I wanted to talk to you about some disclosure issues. Okay. Maybe I'll give you a choice of topics. Hold on. I got a text. Someone let I know him on right now. It was like Are you on in the morning? No, I'm on right now. Right now as we speak right now, All right, so I don't know. How familiar are you with the Starfleet? The actual Starfleet, not Space force. Not now. So the actual Starfleet I'm aware I'm aware of this. Uh, So you're aware of the starters careers? They look like Star destroyers? Yes, okay. Um, you think George Lucas did that by accident or you think it's just maybe have been told this you see start Star Wars origins. It's a 20 minute film on YouTube

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