Meghan Markle Claims The Firm Is Perpetuating Falsehoods

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The gloves are off. The royal battle is on meghan. Markle is slamming the royal family. And it all comes just as buckingham palace announced its investigation and it's investigating claims that make him bullied her staff. This is getting ugly. Listen to a meghan. Just confessed to oprah about the royal family. How do you feel about the palace hearing you speak your truth today. I don't know how they could expect that. After all of this time we would still be silent if there's an active role that the firm is playing in perpetuating falsehoods about us. And if that comes with risk of losing things there's a lot that's been lost already. Guerrilla loaded the firm cold yes for. There's a lot of ceo's in there that they're running sobbed in the raw running the commonwealth to on the bar business speak what she is doing is she's trying to separate. This is not the family doing this. This business entity is trying to perpetuate a certain thing because for any other viewer like for me like every family has a drama. I mean my my sister. And i have been in a beef once or twice but this is much bigger. And that's what she is trying to portray and she has also trying to grounded that they are behind all of the malicious tat attacks. That happened against her and his mama. Don't even say it. No one else does we. Were just talking about this. I mean if you guys watched every day then you know but we were just talking about this. How we thought she'd be going against royal live papa razzi she's not gonna take aim at the actual family now. We know for a fact. That's not true. She is going to go head to head against her in laws. And i know that there's bigger it's a business. It's a government. it's not your normal thing but ultimately this is his gam gap. That's coming out on the dual smear campaign on her and just trying to say that. Oh she was rude to the staff now. If she was rude to the staff we would have heard longtime ago when this interview is coming out and remember. This interview is coming out ethics day or the day before their big commonwealth celebration right. Which is like our thanksgiving you know. They're celebrating the commonwealth and those queens going to give a speech so they're trying to stop all of that you're right it's the on the same day as commonwealth and i just wanna throw it out there. Megan has denied all of these bullying claims. That's she says are adamantly not true.

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