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Com. Fire these people right away. Hey there. I'm kevin daisy and miracles and join us on our journey to building a one hundred million dollar companies. What's everybody this is kevin daisy. So who are the people you should fire immediately in. Your company is the people that are not a cultural fit. They don't belong at your company and they have no physician to. There's no seats wrong person. Wrong seat so you have a person that doesn't agree with your culture. Sonic cultural fit. Rose people the wrong way. Whatever may be the also be called terrorist if you will that are just a toxic person within your company for one of the people anyway right but let's just say they were the wrong person but they were filling a role that they are good at. It doesn't matter to get rid of people but if you have someone that is a toxic person wrong person and they're doing role that you don't have a need for you need to find out right away and get rid of this people again for us. The cultural fit is a no-go we'd already farthest people and let them go. But this is a double whammy wrong person wrong seat in the game short episode here right gone. Get them out. How much more successful would you be if you could harness the experience of a group of successful business owners. That is the exact group of people that we have. In our business. Growth mastermind check out more at array mentor dot

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