Rogue Founder Frank Villarreal Steps Down on Organization’s Fifth Anniversary


Rogue president is actually stepped down to focus on consulting kind of wild. It seems like a pretty decent time to be in charge of rogue at least from the league perspective. There rocket league team is always really high up there as well. I know that's like a second or third tier east sport in general. I don't know how they are in counterstrike. I've no clue if they've made a foray into valerie yet. But i think he's just kind of decided five years of my life move onto something a little bit different and if you've got like an actual background and resume building east sports organization right now. You are probably worth your weight in gold. Yeah and also just five years working in east sports like that's a long time actually and in an industry that is still touted as like. Oh it's growing it's growing. It's getting big. It's getting big but like when you actually get a job and sports you realize how small it still is and how many hats you have to wear whenever you work in job so like hats off. The he's able to work five years in that that's actually crazy. Yeah good for him and hopefully move into greener

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