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Obviously and bitcoin dominance has been fulling significantly for quite some time at sixty point. Three two percent. We saw a level of resistance back in october Lady in the back end of the year it broke up through there hints henceforth we so bitcoin move to a dollar seventy three point. Six three percent of the entire market when asked sitting at full six point. One he's relevance. I am meeting today with somebody. Who is very smart what they do. Is they help to help. Businesses to understand what they're trying to do and what they're trying to shave set the culture a lot of different stuff like that that i want guarantee the day talim now a hey explained on a separate subject that if you want to be a market later the market later sorry not makali'i the first mover advantage which obviously bitcoin as in the spice tens Around forty percent. And i can like jar right up and down all over the place for for considerable amount of time. If you'll the first mover your advantage tends to get you about forty percent of the mind you think about earlier now. We'll probably other ride sharing apps out there that i'd cheaper but obviously you because it may it changed the way you just change things and i'm thankful for that debate a couple of bucks here and they're concerned. It's a matter of convenience of got up on now how it works. It's all good happy. Happy anal- stick with them and that's part of the first mover advantage. Is that you guy will. Oh my coyotes sticking to this mall another them. stopped deciding a little bit of money. I think this is the wall and bitcoin. To a certain extent will to acertain extent. Bitcoin highs the first mover advantage. Because it's the first of cooked currencies that has really been the modern currencies But this is the first one. That's really dying. Traction and the interest of the market matters right now at forty six point one two percent. Now we came back off the very strong run that we saw throughout the twenty twenty christmas period came back in satellite supportive about sixty percent full. Basically the month of february and march beginning of. I would go down and to the low. The dominance has fallen by twenty seven point two four percent. That's a significant economy. Bitcoin dominance of course that can be viewed on the chose visually as bitcoins subs consolidation off of that period. Down a great deal since shorts moved up to set new highs twice. not really run. On and as bitcoin continues to consolidate we do see a lot of other alz taking off. One of the things at the moment. It's a little bit frustrating. Is this whole I guess it's called main coin trend. A lot of these coins have no utility business behind. It is absolutely nothing. It's basically a bunch of people that are trying to get in i. It's the greater fool. Theory trying to get in i to make in sign dines and then get out before the rug poll now saying they pretty much daily and it concerns me and it concerns me. Because this is a sort of hysteria that we say Generally when it's about to give up the guys you know pull back a bit now. I'm not suggesting that that's the case. This could just the beginning of the consent the also because you vote on getting people friends of mine that are reaching out and saying the putting one hundred fifty thousand one hundred fifty million and starting to think that maybe that's capable and most for most people in the get into light. They're gonna get done if i do. Get into in prophet. What are they gonna like. Because great plays every factor in these. There is no research As far as what the company does the purposes who the team is how it's led there's no trading in waiting for the setup being managed yada yada it just is straight up hot and it's gonna hurt a lot of people and so many good businesses companies out there that are you know. The do have tokens coins. Or however you want to sort of suggest that a not saying that upside not saying that money flowing in so always people that are entering creek die. I shouldn't say all but a lot of people that are entering into these main coin. Top things now a probably going to get but majority will and that will be their experience with digital assets cryptocurrency. How long's i can burn them for is you're gonna be like two thousand seventeen people aboard nineteen thousand. Us day on. bitcoin. I mean it don't think it will. I know for a fact. It does not do a industry much good must've that top ten. Bitcoin fifty seven thousand two hundred and forty yesterday. We closed up a lot of great deal. Closed up one point five percent right now. It's slow in the session Fall all said donated smashed through that sixty thousand dollars airmiles chugged on to a new all-time for new all time highs guided forty three hundred nineteen dolls three point two one percent a very strong move. It just keeps on continuing tap that full thousand loss not sorta good not adhere lovely cervix

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