Michael Jordan Recalls Final Texts With Kobe Bryant Before Helicopter Crash


In fact, there's a story which is out today in which Michael Jordan revealed the last text messages that they exchange shortly before Kobe's Death, and it was like you would think to Hall of Famers would talk to each other. They talked about basketball. They talked about family even talked about tequila, and they talked about coaching their kids over the years and you get to see Side of Kobe Bryant, and most people don't get to see because one we would never see his text messages. But we get a sense of how he was a doting father and how he enjoyed his post basketball life where he was spending time. Just being a dead yes, that included being a coach and being around basketball in a Quasi coach fashion for his Children, But he just enjoyed the whole aspect of not living his life through professional basketball, preparing for games but more preparing for his daughter's game. G, who, unfortunately is no longer with us as well. But we got to see a side through Kobe Bryant and his text messages with Michael Jordan. How Kobe was supremely focused on family. And it was nice to have that type of

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