German Catholics to Bless Gay Unions Despite Vatican Ban

Inside Europe


German catholic churches openly defied the vatican this week by offering blessings to same sex couples more than one hundred congregations up and down. The country took part under the motto. Love wins the blessings contradictory ruling in march by the holy see's orthodoxy office. That god can not quote bless sin. Mcmartin has more on the love winds campaign which took place. Around the international day against homophobia savage been got its on of of disinterest health freak and his partner one of several same sex couples to receive a blessing by a catholic priest at a church in cologne this week for someone who's ball top catholic lives as a catholic and even worked for catholic organization health except the blessing was very important shudders ca. Food destroyed oscalus suicide. He said i have the feeling of being excluded a bit but now i'm grateful to possibility exists. We were able to receive blessing. Symbolic gesture was part of a wider initiative. Called lieber vint will love winds which signed up priests and diocese across germany. The decision to hold the blessings and around one hundred churches and large cities and rural areas comes despite a specific ruling from the vatican in march. The congregation for the doctrine of the faith was responding to a question about the church's power to bless same sex unions. Negative was the reply. Signed by cardinal. Luis larrea who heads the the daria said. It was not possible. Because despite positive elements god could not bless sin the rolling pleased conservatives drew criticism in germany and austria wimbledon. Two thousand priests the jeans and other members of the church signed a petition in favor of blessing same sex

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