Man City Are Champions Again



Kick things off by saluting manchester city. Once again champions of england they didn't even have to kick a ball today. Manchester united losing a home against less city means that it's mathematically impossible for social side to catch city rivals. Had the top of the table. This be much to cities. Seven talk fly when their fifth in the premier league areas of manchester united but in the angry obviously thoroughly deserved. You know to come back. From the couple of seasons hod will they will neck and neck ever pulling successful and then they go a lesson last year from from liverpool who won cancer at the end that was over by other know probably february of thereabouts and to come back from the and we were going to be the big chases again that she had the injuries of just d- road. Anything they were going to do. We're going to talk about potential for was to come back from that. And let you wins and re address the problems particularly the bach and the yeah amazingly with ruben diaz. Joe sale has been fantastic. Jenkins done well when he's commend. Johnstone's of resurgence and has career and he's fitness any form part from the wobble gone magnificent and the medfield. All this done really pretty much more. This season with a not australian and i don't think there's many other clubs around europe never mind an england that could have that success pleaded not mon. It's interesting see because they started this season badly. Go back says say november and you look at the table. They're not even in the top ten after eight matches in fact that resided in thirteen. They'd only got twelve points from those opening eight matches but then they went on an incredible. Winning run didn't they.

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