A highlight from 138: Cherry Valentine!


Welcome cherry. Hello darling good thanks. Good has your david going. It's been all right. Yeah just say it's been hectic really why it just little things going on. That's all just little things going on. Yeah exactly about some soap operas that you'd like to watch because that's tv stuff. Yeah yeah it must be crazy onslaught particularly with the. I was gonna say the lack of activity of the last year. But you've not been lacking in any activity you've been straight into the frontline work and also you work as a mental health there so you must have been sort of split between the two recently. Yeah i mean it's been nonstop railway. I'm quite envious of the people who've been at home for the past year. Just justa watching tv and netflix. For yet it's been it's been very wild Very i'll open at the same time. And what way in. Just just fail a bit lot different about life now. I just really appreciate. The life is where to shaw and should anything for granted. I think working through the pandemic plus coupled with drug chris. That's rarely just it's just made me more confident and like open with thing. Sure now working during the pandemic must be quite something particularly. I mean in your line of work because your mental health nurse but you also do Actually maybe it'd be better if you describe for me what you do in these times. Yeah i mean initially hey. We'll just very mental health focused so that surgical therapy and it was mainly talking therapies and medication managements to fly out but then when we saw for drug i went back into nurse in and it was a completely different landscape sewer with Wasn't enough people working in the physical side so it was doing shifts. Didn't any and plays the. I'd never worked in. It is very physical health. Focus things. i've never done before. But it was invaluable experience at the same time i can imagine. And but with focusing on mental health. Oh i imagine that you were helping other people around you in at the beginning of the pandemic anyway before you went into the all hands on deck yeah. Mental health has been like a massive massive thing in my life. Like i used to take it for granted when i was younger because they don't really understand what it was. I just thought we've all problems we need to deal with. Them is the way. I was brought up book as as controversial is the mental. Health is such a massive thing nowadays especially in the Climate and everything like. I'm just really focused on people opening up and talking about how they actually fail all the far of the show in the pandemic and think. That's all in primarily just therapeutic. Yeah now when did you start that. When was your interest first twigged about mental health. Because he's he said you know when you're younger wasn't really something you thought about. I think that's true of all of us I think stems from and not one into feel like not want into the people's feel like i felt as i was growing up because we're not gonna talk show anyone i felt like i couldn't open up all the time i was in my own head in added million sunday as i went to college in school. I realize that people can speak to that. It was counselors therapists seek So i think that's really set off so that was the first time they sort of made aware of it and i was at school.

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