60 Years Since 1st American in Space: Tourists Lining Up


I'm Julie Walker sixty years after Alan Shepard became the first American in space every day people are on the verge of following in his cosmic footsteps remember to start on may fifth nineteen sixty one shepherd rocketed from Cape Canaveral what a beautiful do Jeff Bezos is blue origin company is opening ticket sales today for short hops for Texas launched by a rocket named new Shepard Richard Branson's virgin galactic aims to kick off the tourist flights next year we welcome you back to planet earth and thanks for flying SpaceX for those of you enrolled in our frequent flyer program you have earned sixty eight million miles on this that's a lot of frequent flyer miles and that's how the latest group astronauts were greeted by now so when they return to work Sunday you love musk's SpaceX will use the same capsule to launch a billionaire in September along with a pair of contest winners and a hospital worker I'm Julie Walker

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