How To Work Through Pregnancy And Menopause.


Hi and welcome to help each other hurt a podcast dedicated to uncovering many of the women's health issues many of us are wondering about but few of us are talking about my mission is to expose the current gaps in knowledge and Care on all things Women's Health. Enjoy. Welcome back to the show. So today's episode is going to be all about pregnancy and how conditions may may have affected your pregnancy can come back to play a role in perimenopause and menopause. So you may think these two are completely unrelated and I am here to let you know. There's actually some really interesting themes that we may be able to gleam from our pregnancy that we can use when we look forward to or as we're entering into perimenopause and menopause. Before we get into that let's hear a word from our sponsor from Pharma. Thank you so much for sponsoring. Today's episode film Pharma is a woman's health care company the focuses on putting women first off then Farm was established to help women who are often forgotten about the pharmaceutical industry their products address vaginal and Volvo dryness itching and pain. We're always told how important it is to moisturize our face, but our intimate areas just as important many women have trouble talking about dryness with their doctors and do not know where to turn them far. My mom is here for you. This company feels women should feel comfortable making intimate skin hydration a part of their daily skincare routine try their products today for relief from vaginal and Volvo, dryness wage and pain check them out at fem That's, you are not going to be disappointed. All right, so here comes a fun job. Moment of Truth one of the reasons I wanted to do this episode today is because I am expecting and I've been hiding this fact for a pretty long time. I am in my third trimester and so far pregnancy has gone just fine. I'm not one of those people who really enjoys being a pregnant. I know many women who do simply not one of them. So I have been trying to hide it and I guess that's my way of not focusing so much on it. Thankfully. I'm lucky to be pretty healthy during this pregnancy. And this will be my third child is a surprise. We don't know yet if it's going to be a boy or a girl so it'd be really fun if you want to stick around and see I'm due in early June and not anything like my last baby. This baby might be a little early. So if there is a little break in podcast episodes, it's probably because I just had a baby now you also log I love working and I love what I do is I'll probably be back pretty quickly. And at this point I've gotten really efficient at getting podcast episode out to you. So I wanted to let you know because I do not feel like I was being honest hiding this any longer and I am really excited but it really led me to think about let's talk about how pregnancy relates to. Pause and menopause now. I just said I'm one of those people who loves being pregnant. That's mostly because I'm uncomfortable a lot. However, I have been really blessed to have healthy pregnancies, but every single pregnancy can be thought of as a stress test. So do you know what a stress test is if you don't we typically think about cardiovascular stress tests where they put the little leads you and you have to walk or run on the treadmill and they're looking at the EKG to see when you're under stress what happens to your body and this is gleaming information about future cardiovascular or current call log. Vascular risks that you may have and pregnancy is a very similar. It's a, you know, forty weeks stress test to see when we put your body under a little bit of stress or conditions that arise that may play a role in your health as we go down the line and we're starting to clean so much more information about what we can take from our state and as pregnant women into our health as we go forward, for example, if you had gestational diabetes or gestational hypertension preeclampsia, a preterm birth postpartum depression off or any of these other complications, and I'm going to talk to you about what all those could mean and we're still Gathering a lot of this data. So more and more is to come now what you've never had a baby or you haven't had a pregnancy in your lifetime. I think this episode will still be really interesting because we're learning so much about maternal health and female birth. Factors that are completely independent or different from the traditional and I'm saying those are question. You can't see me risk factors, which is based on the mail system. So thinking about these is also really interesting as well as if you have a friend or a daughter or a niece who's going to be pregnant. This is such a really interesting information to know about first. I'm going to walk you through some soft findings and soft findings means. This is just what I see clinically and I don't really know how it's going to go on to apply but one of the things that I do see a very common basis is women who have had a postpartum depression seemed to have an increased risk for either pmdd, which is severe PMS or mood symptoms in perimenopause and into

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