Boeing's Latest 737 MAX Headache


Welcome to the czech six podcast. I'm joanne somo editorial director. For the aviation week network. Boeing seems to be a company that just can't shake off bad news late last year. The seven three seven max was cleared by us regulators to return to service just as the company had to halt deliveries of its seven eight seven wide bodies to quality control issues seven eight seven. Deliveries resumed late march. But now sixteen max. Customers have been forced to temporarily ground their airplanes due to production issues with power units certification of the triple seven x wide body has been delayed by last minute. Problem with the design of the aircraft flight control system and on the military front blowing continues to write off losses on the tanker program and was just ousted from a three way competition to build the next generation of ground-based us missile interceptors. It's safe to say boeing's leadership team and is board are on the hot seat as the company prepares for its annual meeting on april twentieth. Joining me to make sense of all this are for aviation week. Editors sean broderick michael bruno guy norris. And yen's floto sean. Let's start off with you Dissuade is max. Problem has nothing to do with the two crashes in the nineteen month grounding that followed. So what's going on. How many airplanes are effective. And how long is this going to take to get resolved. Yes first of all. That's absolutely right. This has no this latest Production slash design issue and. We'll talk a little bit more about that in a minute. A predates both accidents It dates to early two thousand and nineteen and it has to do with Grounding and bought and wire bonding in a standby power control unit so backup emergency power. Let's call it when the airplane is either on the ground and has no power or more critically when its in flight

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