The Age of Remote Work: Arianna Huffington and Karen Mangia

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Arianna. I love the latest book from thrive global your time to thrive and burnout increase. Well being an unlock your full potential with the new science of my kristaps so many good takeaways and especially loved what you wrote about waking up in the morning and the first thing that you did was check your cell phone the impact that that had on you. I'm guilty of doing the same thing. And i bet many of our listeners are so tell us why. This was such an aha moment for you. Well how we start our day and how we end. Our day are sort of pretty critical to the day we have and seventy two percent of people start their day by going to their fall before they're fully away before their feet have hit the ground. So what we recommend. That thrive and this is kind of one of my favorite out of hundreds of micra steps for behavior changes to take sixty seconds. Before you got your fault to be very intentional to focus on your breath to remember coach. Grateful for to fame. Ply- get ready for the day and as you said my call be clear about what your priorities are as opposed to what the world wants to view which is what i've found is for love absolutely starting the day setting your intentions versus what others expect from. You is a big mindshift when we have so much pressure to be productive karen. How is remote work. Changing our definition of what it means to be productive and successful. I think sometimes we get our relationship with success a little bit wrong you know. We have these myths and misconceptions that six asses the result of being always on and working all the time or that success. You know we just work hard enough. It will show up or it's the result of this perfect

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