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Run all the way sunday. Like where we go out there and play and you have these shooting competitions and stuff and me and my mom one fifth and sixth grade and seventh grade. I was like now. Y'all can't do it. Oh my gosh. that's hilarious. You take about matters in spun for us understandably so all right so he had like he had a good jump shot and i'm guessing if he's winning a shooting contest with from all over the core. I mean yeah. He did he he he. He shot pretty good shooting. You know which play center city. No power forward so we had a seven footer. And i so i was. Yeah i was the power forward. So i was i just rent random baseline and you know shoot threes from either corner and then run up to the to the elbow and shoot jumpers and like enforcer on the team so after we had that chat as a freshman then i turned into who turned into you know then i was out there and talking and being myself so Yeah my my basketball game was more like just rebounding defense. And i probably average like six to eight points but but but like nine or ten boards game nice. I'll tell you what i love man. I love watching exciting staff do that. One play man at one play when When you got the who's that was then marcel. And then he tossed it to you and you through the football. All the way down to the other i was jerry. So we had display called vallejo special. And you know. Obviously the backup quarterback so like a lot of the times. When i a tight end i was put out wide receiver. Mike i was six. I was to fifty but i play i. Would they call it. Ace and i would be out wide receiver so when i was wide receiver i would run slants. Go routes and all that shit and it was the playoff especially where i would run a like a little screen almost and he told me it was a double pass so it would always be like sixty seventy yard touchdown. We ran that a couple of times All the time we ran out a lot. I mean c- could you be able to just launch a football right. Yeah because i can throw a football still the shoulder. But but when i when my shoulder was healthy i could probably throw a football fifty sixty yards in the air. That's amazing. I love to see you when you guys do that. Play was

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