WHO releases coronavirus origins report


Than a year after the coronavirus pandemic i swept the globe. The world health organization report into the virus has finally been released although it doesn't give a definite origin for the disease the w. h. o. Says it's likely that it was transmitted from a bat to humans via an unidentified intermediate animal species virologists and monocle. Twenty four health and science correspondent. Dr chris. smith joins me to discuss this now. chris. Thanks for coming on firstly. Why was this report so long in coming and there are a number of reasons but one of them was that the chinese were not terribly supportive. If you record just a few months back. The investigators were held up getting visas. Getting into china they were just stuck in singapore rages and then once they got there. It was very much. The staged managed thing and this is not happen for the first time in so many times before the they've been number of obstacles pushing the way which meant that. That was difficult for a start. And just doing this kind of work is really tricky. You're saying where is the smoking gun that caused a pandemic in a city that has millions of people living in it into country with a billion plus people living in an is a big country such try and track all these different moving parts down and pin them down on one mechanism is really really tough. Which is why this report has a number of different possible reasons to account for what they think might have gone on. It has also taken a very long time

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