How Yappa is Removing the Toxic Nature of Commenting with Kiaran Sim

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Welcome everyone to another episode of. It visionaries and today. We have the co founder and ceo of yoga. Sin garin welcome to the show. How you doing. I'm up in fat. And i'm looking forward to show today all right. Let's get right to it. What exactly is up. Because we've seen some of the literature on it. We've seen some of the partners. You guys have established seems pretty popular exciting technology on share. A little about what it is. You guys do show so am very quickly. Yahoos a an audio and video conversational tool. We are big differences in how. We've approached this platform to other social media. Iphones so we live on the publisher's website just like coming to would do. We look similarly in similar positions to cut where coming to usually place and you can leave at five second audio or video yet on websites like hail you know we. We hit some really big strides in the last year. So we can dak installed on about four hundred ninety five million pages across the united across the equality in a moment. And that's pretty much who we are and what we do all right so for audience to compare this to something. I brought up Some different technologies in my research from melia with discus. And i'm also familiar with live fire. commenting tools that have been used previously. Uh so this is most commonly Set up their mindset if you go to a website like let's say espn and you go down below. There's usually like a comment section a lot of times. Those comments sections are not actually built into the website. They are an external third party provider. That does this now. There's something about yet but that makes it uniquely different. What do you guys do. That's uniquely different the caveat back. Espn lanka's comments on their side. Just for i'm dating myself. There somewhere has commas. I wanna say yeah. Well you know i like you know. I don't wanna reveal. Actually where i go because people. Espn they decided that comments on no longer relevant so they decided to to to switch them off. Used generated continent disney Not very good friends. Illicit is calm. The comment section is often cesspool. Not gonna lie but it is. It is that's kind of like question. What makes us different mats. You know we approached if we saw a gap in the market where toxicity on the way we communicate is so unhealthy for for for us as human beings emotionally mentally. How we commu how we develop. These tools and ways of communicating online is a massive problem effects. Mental health affects our how we see ourselves our confidence levels and everything about it. And it's it's just a constant cesspool. Love just the worst parts of humanity.

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