NFL owners approve 17-game regular season, 3 preseason games


A 17 game to the NFL schedule is Official. The 40 Niners will play at the Bangles. The FC will get the extra home game this year. And next year, the NSC and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Not that it was unforeseen. But what do you think, anyway? We kind of knew it was the owners vote. I assume it was 32. Nothing unless Mike Brown abstained. I don't know how that guy ever had any Children. Maybe it was 31 old and one. I don't know. But he held Davis as well. That's why I only had one child. He abstained all the league votes. So we knew it was going to be the Bangles. So the 40 Niners this year will play the NFC North. So the Packers and Vikings air coming to Levi's in the 40 Niners are going to Chicago and Detroit. Eagles because of the common record will be the other. NFC team as well. That will be on the away schedule and they're planning a F C South, which means a trip to actually land is coming to us. Indianapolis's coming To us. And then on what else is happening there? Uh, Houston is coming to us as well. Um and then on the road, it's Tennessee and Jacksonville. And the 17th game is gonna be pretty kidney. Obviously, the three within your own division home in a way, like every year. We knew it was gonna be the Bangles and the way it works this year, they're just lining up. Conferences. So the A F C East is playing the NFC East E A. F. C North is playing the NFC West, and that's the 40 Niners and Bangles. They have C south, playing the NFC South E A. S E West is playing the NFC North. And I'm gonna go back and forth on which conference gets the extra home game, and this year it'll be the FC.

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