Asian American Woman Brutally Attacked In New York City

NBC Nightly News


A brutal attack. In new york is putting new. Focus on a wave of violence against asian americans the white house announcing new measures to stop it. Cat now has more a warning. The video is disturbing tonight. New footage showing a sixty five year old. Asian woman viciously attacked in broad daylight. It could be any of us any day tomorrow. Know a man repeatedly kicking her in the stomach on a new york city street stomping on her head or making anti asian statements. According to police three people are in the lobby of an apartment building. Just steps away at least one of them watches the brutal assault and once the attacker. Who was still at large leaves. No one helps the woman instead. The doors closed as she struggles on the sidewalk. We can't just stand back and watch a heinous act happening. Nationwide hate crimes against asians. Were up nearly one hundred fifty percent last year. How concerned are you. That people are doing this in an effort to copy what other perpetrators have done. I'm extremely Certain about the copycat effect additionally. I think people reporting things more than they were previously immoral aware of. What's happening now. The biden administration is allocating nearly fifty million dollars for asian american pacific islander survivors of violence and assault and establishing a new committee dedicated to ending xenophobia against the api community. The fbi will also publicly highlight reports of anti-asian hate crimes. We're a moment of recognition and we get to choose what kind of country. We want to be the justice department also announcing today. It's expediting the improvement of hate crime tracking and prosecutions. The most painful part of that video was watching that man. Close the door on that women. And i hope that as a country. We don't do the same thing. Joe it's all so horrifying any word that woman's condition lester officials say she's just been released from the hospital and as for the people in that lobby building management says they've been suspending pending investigation. The new york city hate crimes task force is also

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