A highlight from Fernando Tatis Jr.s Extension Reactions and Malika Andrews

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What's up everybody. We back our to see to another week as was good. Both in some nets gear. Today bro yeah man. I had to. I had to break my shit out a little reflective right here but he had his reflective shiny shiny. Above that that big left pectoral you have now man. i need some more More gear yeah. Well you say you say it on the air and it just may happen. And it's nike stuff now to you know what i'm saying like wearing it because it's on nike escape. We gotta get frank to send you one of these nets on. Yes hoodies bro. Since you're part of the broadcast on yes that we gotta get you back now. With three man flip go have it broke because i cussed at the end of that last. Maybe i come over like a quarter or something but as you you gotta ask split when you're going to go but you are great man. You are great man. It was it was a great time by the way it. Did you stay up last night to hear me going. Nuts with james harden's three at the end of the man. I fell asleep in the third quarter. This whole west coast swing. I had to stay at the you know. The warriors stayed up saturday night. I watch the kings the other night but last night man. I just couldn't do it. I i think the ended the third quarter. Utah pretty good. Though with these games though man now goes west coast tough It is man sitting in the. Because i'm calling in from barkley center sitting in the arena alone and it's so funny 'cause i'm getting into it just like i'm sitting courtside and it's hilarious because it's so reminded me of like the sacramento. Come back when. I called that game. I was standing up on press row going nuts. Like 'cause sometimes you get so into you gotta like put your body into aaron harris. The nets pr director. Who i love and is a good friend. He was looking at me. Like you are out of your mind. Thank everybody else on. The press row is like what is going on here. You can't really hear anything other than what's in my head set and everything right and so last night now. Like at barclays center alone. Sarah wasn't even there. Because i'm doing the game with richard doing it from his home in l. a. And just have our stage manager bob to my right or whatever and i'm like fist-bump turning matures into the call and i see bob looking at me hysterically laughing. He's like this nut. And i'm like you know what i love what i do. What can i even better. Well see. we're gonna get to Some yankees slinging heat thoughts in just a moment as they get ready for pitchers and catchers and then we will get to maliki andrews but full disclosure to our audience. We recorded our pod wednesday afternoon. Our audience knows we release pods every thursday morning so we record them some point wednesday typically and then we had big breaking news so i just got done literally just seconds ago. It's now it's ten twenty at night. I just got done broadcasting rockets sixers from my great game. It was crazy rocket six from my home. I'm thinking like oh they're gonna take it easy on my voice. Twenty nine point blowout. Houston's go no houston comes back makes it a a two possession game down the stretch. It was wild. We get this fernando tatis breaking news that he signed this fourteen year. What was it three hundred sixty three three three three so four for fourteen years years. Three hundred and forty million dollar extension. We thought we gotta do an emergency episode. So we need to react to this audience. Can't come to our to see to and not get a reaction to a contract like that that breaks the night before the episode releases. Plus now we get to learn. That broke out his peleton as well. So that's added edit information manhattan. Go by the way it was good. I just went down to set it up. Ended up doing it thirty minute ride so good man so see. What is your initial reaction to totti's already at this stage of the game getting this kind of deal from san diego. I love it i love it. I mean You know lock them in. You know you don't want to try and take this guy year a year Obviously san diego loves them knows what they have down there trying to build a coach around this kid. Why not lock them in. You got manny signed up. You know what i'm saying And you battling with the dodgers you know so Does your guy and obviously he's a superstar. He's the face of the game right now and you know you wanna you wanna make sure that you can have your guide air and know fourteen. Years is is taken up. You know basically his career and who wouldn't want to plan san diego. You know what i'm saying like is the perfect place to play and you know. The weather's always great and if they're going to be contending why not why not sign up for that long so I just wanna be able to get out there and get to a to. A dodgers padre series berlin san diego because that she will be lit. I'm telling you it's gonna be gone from this. Summer's goal being floating shirtless in the mediterranean. Rue righteous padres dodgers. Padres dodgers will be some of the most athletic baseball. We've seen in years in in a very fucking time this too. I mean these losses loaded with so much not just talent but athletic is umbro likes. You got guys that can fuck in catch and play shortstop you know what i'm saying. You got first baseman. I could play center field on both rosters like this is going to be fun to watch a great delineation. You make about You know yeah. It's one thing to be talented but to have athleticism to have that kind of athleticism that's just like stops you in your tracks and you're like well. I need to watch no well. It's going to be stolen bases and it's gonna be like watching the game and you know what i'm saying like tortillas is going to be running the bases movies going to be running into basis bellinger still like is this is going to be fun to watch man so was crazy about the contract though. Like ronaldo kunia just got eight years one hundred million man race outlook. Yeah i mean. I never i never i mean i'm always for guy signing young. I i just think it sets you up. You don't wanna turn down that first. Fortune might as well get paid. What you're gonna be with the team. Anyway it taken up your arbitration years. You might as well get paid so You know it just. I'll be deal. Is i'll be consistent with what young guys are getting paid. These deals that we see a kunia obviously is a superstar so they paid him like a star and you know they pay tortillas like the face of the game so i mean it's just those two contracts were just so crazy that may always look bad because how of how they do young guys it does make sense. It does make sense. I mean i think 'cause for people who aren't totally familiar you know you have three years of arbitration. Well first of all you have three years of making you know essentially league minimum right and and and three years of arbitration and then you're free agent and sometimes it can end up a little longer depending on whether or not you get eligibility for that first year when you're up this normally as seven years yes exactly and And so you're you know you're never gonna make until until taty scott to his final year of arbitration right before free agency. He would never make per annum. That equates to what he's going to get now from this contract so the team is paying totti's way more money than they would have to over the next three years specifically and for totti's his give is

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