A highlight from Supernaturals Robert Benedict & Richard Speight


This is a hello right to you straight to you. I hope you enjoyed today show. I hope you're smiling right now. I hope that you had a good day. Or you're gonna have a good day and You know trying to be present right now trying to present ryan good checking everything checking the lights. Okay yeah i mean look every seems to look okay. I got a haircut kind of haircut and I got vaccinated. Congratulations thank you. I got the johnson and johnson. The one shot. I was at the girl behind me got I was perfectly fine. Nothing nothing happened to me. Not a not fatigue not nauseous. Nothing it's been quite some time now. So what happening. Just a one and done. I didn't really want to do the other one. I guess they're all they're all pretty good but Still going to be safe and stuff but feels kind of feels. Good to be vaccinated. If you'll relieved yeah. I do feel relieved. It doesn't fix everything but it fixes something. Yeah my arms. Not even sore. No it might be i. It's it's it's less than a mosquito bite. Nice just nothing. I got lucky i think. Gracious lord Who tuned in the stage at show and watch my band play and i had a great a great day My band son spin we played on stage. It would play two shows us last saturday and gave out prizes. Zooms resumed a lot of people. And thank you everyone for being there and supporting the band. You're always so amazing. A big shadow till the patrons who that If you want to follow the band you can go to sun spin dot com we lunchboxes and merging all sorts of fun

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