Ariana Grande is the highest paid The Voice coach


Ariana grande is now if the highest paid coach ever to be on the voice. Let me give you all the dish. So arianna surprised everybody. When she announced she was joining the voice as a coach is going to be joining blake. Shelton john legend and kelly clarkson forsees in twenty one. She said that she's honored and excited to be joining. The voice family has been a huge fan of the show for a very long time. And you can't wait to go head to head with these incredible coaches and get to meet develop and no. Some new artists have fans will be excited to a does really melted down. She's going to be replacing. Nick jonas. This is a huge for the show an nbc. Let me just give you a few statistics here. Just you figure out how big ariana is on spotify. She's the most streamed artists of the deck. She has eighty two million followers on twitter. Which just is to give you. A comparison is almost double blake. John and kelly come bind myself. Says a telling me she's making the most of anybody on the show. Kelly at the moment makes the most she makes fifteen million dollars. They wanted to get her show. Particularly american idol was coming back. Very smart blake. Shelton ends around thirteen million dollars. Adam levine about the same member and miley. Cyrus was on the show. She got about thirteen million dollars to my sources. Tell me that they don't know the specific amount but they believe that ariana grande day could be getting twenty to twenty five million dollars a season which puts her on par. With what katy. Perry's getting at american idol.

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