A highlight from Janis Joplin Episode 4: The Man with the Scar on His Heart, the Devil on the Blues Highway, and the Freaks Come Out at Night

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World of rb music publishing and production in the mid twentieth century was straight cutthroat a high stakes game where anything when like many label. Men muscling their way through a sea of competition. Burt wanted to do what burt wanted to do. He wanted his word to be fucking gospel from his mouth to god's ears if he needed some well connected men by his side to make desire reality then so be it. People wouldn't just be impressed by birdsongs. They'd fear him when record. Executive jerry wexler and matter to contract to take over bang records. Bird brought made man. Tommy eveline over the wax office and they made it very clear that no one was taking bang records away and they made it even clearer that no one fucked with bird burns. It was hard to deny the whiff of goon muscle in the air. When van morrison signed comprehensive contract with bird the gave him control everything management production label publishing. Burt wanted van to sign at all and so van. Signed it all. And then there was neil diamond. Neil diamond didn't own a gun. So when he needed one firs protection and to protect his family he borrowed thirty eight revolver from a friend and the solitary man was feeling real. Solitary scared paranoid. He told himself that he wasn't acting crazy. That is paranoia was justified. Birth was one acting crazy. Neil wanted to releases latest song. Shiloh a single but bert founded a little too introspective and not bubble gummy enough. Burt said now birt's word was the word. The two argued. Neil stood his ground. Neill said some things he would regret. Burn up the ante and had some guys come around to assist neil and seeing things births way and then thanks got weird. Nieto's manager fred. weintraub didn't catch the faces of the guys who jumped him but when they were through with his face was unrecognisable meals. Mind immediately went to bird next at a show at the bitter end in greenwich village. A smoke bomb went off in the middle of neil set. Meal had the microphone in one hand. Eyes closed tight to make sure he hit the right note at the right time he was singing cherry cherry in. He knew he had the ears in the room right where he wanted them. His other hand was outstretched towards the crowd that universal attempt to connection from singer to audience when he opened his eyes. He couldn't see anyone did matter how hard he tried to connect. The whole room was full of thick grey. Smoke people were choking on the smoke plume in blew around the room as people scattered from wall to wall desperately trying to find the exit. It was chaos. Neil thought it was bird. So neil borrow the thirty eight. He packed up his wife and kid move them from their new place in manhattan to long island. It was like they were hiding. Bert didn't cop the mugging or to the bitter end bombing pleaded ignorance and he kept on writing. He didn't realize one of the last songs he would ever right will be one of his most personal. He went back to the thing that had defined him most of his life the thing that made him vulnerable but also that made him tough the thing that allowed them to fear and love life simultaneously. His heart hurt rope piece of my heart with jerry ragavan for erma franklin who is looking for her own hit to break out of her sister shadow. Irma was the oldest of three girls but her younger sister aretha. The middle child got all the attention in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. All eyes were on aretha aka soul sister number one thousand nine hundred sixty seven aretha cents a slew of single straight to number one on the rb and pop turns. Irma was there for every step of a wreath. A success despite being four years older a great singer in her own right. Irma was often relegated to hard to see spot beyond the spotlight. She stood behind aretha. She sang backup. She played a supporting role now. Piece of my heart. that was all irma. That was her the song of an underdog. The song was moving up the charts in late. Nineteen sixty seven when birds heart finally gave out. He was just thirty eight years old. Those who worked closest with him didn't want anything to do with his legacy. They resented the way he had pushed them all around and made them feel threatened. Jerry wexler had no idea where burt was buried but said if you knew he would visit simply so he could piss on his grave in the two thousand eleven compilation of his seminal years on bang records neil. Diamond made no mention of burns in the liner notes. It wasn't long after birds. Death jack cassidy bass player for the jefferson. Airplane heard peace of mind or kdi or one of the bay area radio stations. Playing our beheads erma franklin single had made it to number ten on the arm beach hurts. It was early. Nineteen sixty eight when cassidy heard aretha. Franklin's older supporting role. Sister heard ache in her vocal. The way the lyric pushed her voice to the brink of collapse. The pleading come on. Come on come on come on. He knew that this song can be the anthem for his little sister. It could be pure gold in the hands. Voice of janice joplin genesis shared some of her original material with big brother and the holding company songs like turtle blues but like many iconic performance before and after her she was a singer. She was an interpreter of material a fallacy to say that the best quote unquote artists to the ones who write their own material interpreting material making someone else's on your own whether you're riffing on otis or johnny cash remaking tread resonator. That's our two piece of my heart would be one of genesis earliest and best known signature songs. The one that would introduce her band to the world beyond the bay area's. See the one that would break them into the cities that given the cold shoulder in the past but it was also the song that gave us a glimpse of life after big brother. It put her out front. She was stepping out from the band's unified front unified front of power democratic songs like combination of the two piece of my heart was vehicle for genesis voice in genesis career and people noticed mama cass noticed. Albert gercy noticed. Clive davis noticed. Most importantly piece of my heart gave janice joplin the opportunity to make that. Climb to the top to serve a big brother and everyone else is. They remained far far below an opportunity. That was all the sweeter because only a few years earlier. She found herself at the very

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