Why Are Vow Renewals So Meaningful?

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Vows by definition are very aspirational when a young couple vows to have and to hold whether rich or poor in sickness or in health you know hook goes to. They really know what they're in for. Of course they don't how could they often. They haven't seen enough of life yet of our renewal though is something else entirely. It's more than just a restatement of those original promises. It saying that after all these years of lived experience. I still love you. I'm still in this with you. And i stand here today. Ready to commit to all that. I love you. In spite of your beauty's in spite of your broken nece. I love you still. And i'm celebrating the fact that you love me still even though you know more about me than you did on our wedding day. That's reverend brian. Cockle he's dean of hendricks chapel at syracuse university. Which proud to say is my alma mater. Hendricks chapel is this sacred interface based on campus. The dates back to nineteen thirty on valentine's day. Brian was in the chapel presiding over a very unique very twenty twenty one kind of ceremony. It was a virtual group vow renewal for one hundred and fifty people at this time. I invite all of our participants to make. Sure your cameras are your microphones. And of course. This is the part where you repeat. After me courage you most of them were syracuse alumni or had some connection to the university. Like an and craig drum heller. They were married at hendricks chapel in nineteen ninety and returned on zoom for the renewal ceremony. Be your companion compan- your partner your partner. We somewhat successfully had everyone synchronize. Her it was we tried. And in addition to that we had musical selections. We had a nice surprise visit from ottawa. The orange our beloved mascot who brought some flowers who support you being with with it was our goal to say. Let's all in our busy lives in our lives filled with crisis in struggle. These days to stop pause. Look our partners in the eyes and say thank you for putting up with me. Let's keep at it.

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