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Good evening and welcome to the mental health comedy. Podcast i'm make crasnick my partner jennifer joining us shortly and this is the show we talked comics entertainers about their mental health and we practice mental health risk because mental health is more than it's more than a dessert topping. Okay now our guest. Today is an old friend. And i don't know why. I keep saying now probably to keep myself in the present. Our old girlfriend a multi talented comic photographer musician. Constant creator multiple podcasts from five minutes with my coronado to dr drew podcasts. And the after disaster podcasts. So many other things. Mr mike khurana is here. Michael joining us shortly. And i wanna talk today about people who have a fear of conflict. Because i don't want to say that. I can relate to it but i can't really set any limits about it because i have so much of it also. The lies that we tell ourselves and others. This is going to be a good show about lying It's not something that people talk about all the time openly but i think a lot of the issues stem from fear and the lies that occur inside and when i say we i mean me in the show. This is all personal stuff. That i have to share. I'm gonna go insane and other than that as well as the art of apologizing. No one is. No one doesn't more but are you good at it. And what are the rules. And how do you do it. We're gonna talk to jennifer about all those things. Now thank god. We have a licensed therapist on the show. Because otherwise you'd be stuck with me. And i'm an unemployed jacket salesman. You don't need that. But our our friend from the north and the south coming up shortly Jennifer kalari has an amazing organization called connected parenting dot com and this is an organization where she helps teach people kids families. Parenting and self parenting. You don't really hear that term a lot but self parenting the relationship that you have with your thoughts and feelings often you're the parent and you an italian deal with what goes on inside of you the relates how you're going to be in the world are you gonna move through the world and this is something that needs a lot of attention a lot of focus if you followed anything that's happening in the world you know. The people don't pay attention to their thoughts and feelings And don't have insights about how to relate to those things and that's why We have a we have. But i believe in the all alan ball theory. The man who wrote american beauty is that there. It's not that there's not any there's not enough beauty in the world is actually too much beauty and people. Don't know how to handle it. When i say people i mean me again. I want to tell you about a new twenty four hour streaming mental health news channel. That's happening It's called me n n because it's all about me. It's a network. That's all about me here are some headlines from the nia the twenty four hour streaming mental health news channel woman in illinois out runs her feelings in ten k. Race that actually happened in illinois marvel studios bows with an unknown superhero. Called the enabler. This new unheralded great granddaughter of thor who has superpower that's greater than thunder and his developed from an inability to set the enabler begins filming over some the adult bakery. Tna now making positive body image cakes and they retooled some of their products and are making life sweeter through self acceptance body positive case

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