Biden administration tells facilities for migrant children to reopen to pre-pandemic levels


Centers into migrant processing centers. NPR's Franco Ordonez reports on the new steps the administration is taking to greatly reduce the time that Migrant families are in government custody. Move represents a dramatic shift from the enforcement focused Trump Administration, but also it turn from the Obama administration, which resurrected and expanded the use of the facilities in response to a 2014 surge of Central American families and Children. The plan is to convert two of the U. S. Government's family detention centers and cards and Dilley, Texas into these processing centers. Their asylum applicants would receive full medical screenings and background checks before being released with a court date. There's also discussion to eventually provide covert 19 vaccinations is part of the medical care and other vaccinations that are typically offered to asylum applicants before being released. Franco or Dona as NPR news.

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