Ghost of Tsushima devs to be made permanent ambassadors of the real island


Shema developers are becoming a permanent ambassadors for the actual island of sushi. emma. I'm gonna pull from chris school ian at video games. Chronicle the real island of sushila has given a prestigious award to two senior members of the go sushila development team game director nate fox and creative director. Jason connell will become permanent tourism ambassadors of the city of sashimi. in nagasaki. the island announced this week the ceremony. We held digitally due to travel restrictions and the payroll be presented with the award in a letter of appreciation to mark to mark the occasion. The city or the city said it will collaborate with sony interactive entertainment to set up a new tourism campaign based on the game which is designed to encourage fans. Learn more about the island. And it's key key key landmarks in a statement so shema mayor he rookie hit a katsu. Explain why the pair have been awarded with the honor quote. Foxing connell spread the name in history of so shima to to the whole world in such a wonderful way. He said quote. Even a lot of even a lot of japanese people do not know the history of the period when it comes to the world the name and location of shema is literally unknown so i cannot thank them enough for telling our story which such phenomenal graphics and profound stories and quote.

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