Dell’s new G15 is a speckled gaming laptop coming to China first


New g fifteen as speckled gaming laptop coming to china i This article comes from the verge. Del has launched. Its new g. Fifteen gaming laptop which will be available in china. I before coming to other regions around the world. The laptops industrial design is all new though. The most notable feature might be the paint job. And if you're wondering why can't see what's going on what you need to click on the article or watch via video of for that you need to be a supporter of the show. And yep those are paint flex. Uc in photos. Del says the new g fifteen is low. Voc waterborne paint for durable in environmentally conscious. Zayn is available in color ways including specter green speckles phantom gray with speckles dark shadow gray in obsidian black. Our advice goal with the speckles. I'm man of city in black. Sounds kinda cool some more pictures. We don't how full specs for the new g. Fifteen just yet. But it can be outfitted with nbc rtx. Three thousand years graphics it has three performance options ranging up to one hundred fifteen watts of tdp display is a fifteen point six inch panel with refresh rate of up to three hundred sixty hertz. They'll says gee fifteen's thermals have been improving through designed based on alienware technology optional zone. Rgb keyboard that makes use of fx software for customization. The new team will go on sale. In china today in global availability is set to follow at some point in april Reached out to further. Details have not heard back yet. But the hopefully that'll be on its way worldwide shortly but along with the specs to if you has interested to keep an eye on this one in case you're wondering why why alienware will because dell bought alienware of kind of like one same entity so they borrow off of each other technology wise a pretty

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