Dealing With Uncertainty With Kulap Vilaysack

First of All


Abandoning trash. I'm really really thrilled. Because go to make a unlike a ways through this podcast but you've honestly been on my list like a dream guests for a long time. Yeah accessible to you yes. We are all very busy. And for a lot of amazing reasons which i would love to like dive into because your career honestly i mean in my direct circle of of humans that i know like i truly admire and want to emulate your path really. Yeah oh that's very here especially when like last you know now. Three four years. I just haven't been able to like do the next thing. Things haven't worked out so really feel that way because you know maybe there's hope for me yet i will. I'm going to go off my vibes. I think i think i can't see anything not going for. Its ultimate highs. Good with you. I think my god in your mouth to the university. I'm channeling okay. And i'm putting it out there because i don't know it's just something about when got to meet you and then spend more time with you in our eight-plus group which i wanna get into a little bit in our in our shot but just like honestly like having witnessed what you've been able to do with like gazillion dollar properties in link and acting in like your ability to adapt and like your openness and the now your podcast like i'm basically prefacing this entire conversation right right up front yellow billboard a baby we're billboard out of this but it's just honestly there's a lot that kind of come up in my in my podcast that i don't even know how i got here because i thought it was like if i do. Ten episodes were good but like a big theme. That's emerged out of a lot of these conversations. The the the value of persistence and the ability to be resilient and pivot. And just keep going you know f. It's like completely like. I don't know what the hell is happening right now. Where we're just gonna go with. Yeah so i mean you do that to me. That's like the vibe. I get from you and just a lot of like joy and positivity and like let's handle us well for some. I think it's a it's a. it's a add. Certainly been around folks. have career trajectories have skyrocketed. It by the way all those people are hard workers with like with ability and Material to like take them up there But for me it's more of a long game. It's a steady you know. Isn't it for all of us. Seen folks they do you know and that is that is they're weighing in. It's you know it's part of my by doing is an end discipline is just. It's not mine. You're not my way and they are things you can't change for sure. That's the okay. I'm recognizing i would love to know how you've been navigating twenty the the joy that was twenty twenty I mean you know navigating you know if you know if there's just a boat that's not sinking but it's still as humanly possible makes it sound like there's like you know we're heading. We're on our way general floating. Yeah mine is more just sort of like a rafts that has not sell. No ores getting imagery right now. There's a point where the tide get really rough and you're like i got nothing man just going to end up where we end up was really boring if again not be ocean. Oh i should be clear. It's not the ocean we're body daughter. Is this what did this. Euro said health anytime. I laugh off after last year's been like i'm digging man. I'm digging. i'm digging up old. Sean spicer melissa mccarthy videos too like spark showing who i really do i really

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