Experts Doubt Royal Family Will Break Silence on Allegations from Oprah Interview


No comment from Buckingham Palace on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is Blockbuster interview with Oprah and CBS. Royal biographer Hugo Vickers doubts the Royals and tend to directly address the allegations of racism and hostility raised in the interview, think they're likely to engage in a kind of war between two parties, which across the tabloid press would greatly enjoyed, But there's growing pressure on the palace to address what's shaping up to be the biggest PR crisis for Britain's Royals since the death of Princess Diana Vicky bar. For CBS News. London More than 12 Million people in the UK Watch the interview on ITV last night 17 million watched in the U. S on Sunday. Ah, judge in Louisville has dropped all charges against Briana Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, w El Ky TVs. Erica Fox Locker was facing charges of attempted murder for firing on the officers serving and no knock warrant hitting one of them in the leg. Walker has maintained he did not know they were officers. The Commonwealth attorney filed a motion last week to dismiss the charges with prejudice, meaning they cannot be brought again. Briana Taylor was shot to death by police with a drug warrant for someone else. President Biden's German shepherds are in the doghouse reports they major in champ have been sent back to the first family's home in Wilmington. After one of them bit. A member of the White House security team. Major, who's three is the first rescue dog to take up residence at the White House. He's reportedly been barking and lunging at staff. This is CBS News. Del semi annual sale for business business has has arrived. arrived. Save Save up up to to 45% 45% on on Dell Dell Computers Computers powered powered by by Intel. Intel. Core Core processors. processors. Just Just call call 877 877 Ask Ask Del Del

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