A highlight from Failure to Launch (Isaac Gets a Wife)


Episode of the Funnier is going to be a little bit different. The whole episode is guest hosted by kinney dobermans. Yes the very kenny doldrums. That does the music and also my brother. Today's story from genesis twenty four. Now abraham was getting seriously old. Sarah had just died and he was very lonely but besides that abraham felt very blessed in every aspect of his life well except for one small thing his son isaac had yet to find a wife. Isaac was a bit of a shut in his father often asked him to do chores or go out and be with the shepherds but isaac had always had an excuse. Who's mainly video games. He was very big in the sky. Rim isaac was well into his adult years. Mind you but he had somehow failed to leave the nest. Abraham frankly was tired of doing has grown son's laundry abraham would say isaac. You need to go out and meet real people and get a job and maybe take a shower too. But isaac would reply. Dad i told you call me is e g. that's what my online bros. call me real family hey. btw were all at a cheetos puffs those. So abraham called for the head servant of the household. I won't you define my son a wife. So he can grow up and move out of the house and gain some responsibility make sure she's not from canaan though. Those people are just gonna be awkward inlaws at thanksgiving. The servant nodded his head in agreement. But sir would if the woman is unwilling to come back here with me. What if she asked for a picture of isaac. He's not exactly a looker. Abraham affirmed him. Don't worry you'll find the right woman. For isaac load will provide the lord will provide one. Does that sound familiar anyway. I want you to promise me that you will accomplish this mission. The servant bowed his head and made the promise. But abraham wasn't convinced. You must swear to me that you will do this. Put your hand on my thigh. Abraham sternly told the servant we what the seven your by. It's okay this was accustomed in those days but that doesn't make it any less uncomfortable. The servant placed his hand under abraham's sweaty old man fi and promised that he would find a wife for his master's son the next morning. The servant headed out on his journey back to the land. What abraham was born. He took ten of his master's camels with him loaded with all sorts of goodies. After a fun road trip the servant has camels finally arrived at a local watering hole. In the town of nature is cameras. Were thirsty and you know he found himself to be a little parched as well the servant thought How am i going to find a wife. For isaac let alone one. That won't run screaming at the sight of him. The servant then remembered that britain had told him to leave it into god's hands as he and his camels knelt down by the wells. He noticed that several women had come out to draw water. The servant began to pray. Lord god of my master abraham make me successful today and show kindness to my master abraham. I'm standing beside the spring and the daughters of the townspeople are coming out to draw. Water may be that. When i say to a young woman. Please let down your jar. That i may have drink. And she says drink water your camels to let her be the one that you've chosen for your servant isaac by this. I will know that you have shown kindness to my master.

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