Alexander Mikaberidze takes us through the history of the Napoleonic era


Let's start by setting up the hoof the two main characters that we see throughout the movie are gabrielle. Farrow and our montebourg who are both lieutenants in napoleon's army. Were they real people. Kind of the story of you're a ridley scott chose direct a screenplay drafted from ninety seven availa from the famous author joseph conrad but away the noble a was published as dual in britain. But it was kind of the point. Honorary night it stays and you can still find the first edition of in used. Bookstores and condo story was supposedly inspired by this real duels olga. He clearly to liberties facts and the story was about the duel between two officers of napoleonic army. The historical individuals of peer won't The town and francois leotard lavazza. Who became ill baer and finkel in the movie and both of them are very collar for the interesting individuals. Do point was born in chaban as in shock and in western france in seventeen sixty five like many of his generation. He first saw action I military action. During the french revolutionary. Wars in fact he fought that battle. Volney really important. Battled all of the then. He served in the rhineland and by seventeen ninety seven. He's already a general so he would have been all league thirty two years old and a general widely respected for his Martial abilities He supported napoleon in seventeen ninety nine when that general sees power to our and then he couponing pollyanna campaigns. All is distinguishing himself. I mean he. This guy was quite successful in quite capable. Man fought at morongo for that Allback where he he did. Do really remarkable defense with barely five thousand man. He was able to stop and australia. That was five times larger and then he earned accolades for he's exported. Ooh macron's rheinland in the sauna zone and with such a stellar record. He had much to expect from the future of maybe even marshal's baton right as new polian savings says every soldier right in. My army carries marshals. Donen in these anyone could carry. It probably will Dupont was one of them but it all changing in eighteen eight. Napoleon sent dupont you. Spain with motley crue of a of the provisional battalions new new recruits swiss troops. That wayne pressed into service. No one over. Dick league cited fighting and he's tasked was to secure the southern region of of spain and initial successes. He found himself surrounded by the largest army and in the remarkable decision affected. He's entire life. Dupont decided to surrender with some eighteen thousand men at violin in the news of this french. Defeat him in the worse than they surrender right but shock europe. Napoleon is range. Dupont is sent to court martial deprived of his rank and his title kashir and then sent to a military installation into to be imprisoned there for the rest of the only any wars

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