Update on Vaccine Administration in Washington State

KUOW Newsroom


This week a lot of washingtonians suddenly became eligible for covid vaccines. But as kyw's anna boyko y rock reports the supply of doses is still limited. There are not enough vaccine doses in the state for all the teachers school staff in childcare workers right away in all that's around a quarter of a million people instead. The state department of health says there will be doses for half of them over the next two weeks. The goal is for everyone in the newly eligible group to get at least one dose by the end of the month. Snohomish county health officer dr chris bidders urges patients. You may not get your maxine today or this week but keep trying. You will get one soon. The federal government is sending doses for this new group to six pharmacy chains in the state. Teachers and school staff can also sign up through the kaiser permanente health system

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