A highlight from Episode 70 - GUESTs Erik Huffman and Mike McCleary - Baseball Card Breaks and Baseball from the 90s


This week on the spivey special podcast we had our guest erik. Huffman and mike mccleary also known as dr elbows. We talked about their business around the horn breaks and we talked about baseball from the welcome to episode seventy of the spivey special podcast good round number which is good sixty nine when we shut up. I don't know what we're doing what we get having more friends if we can do this again. Sixty sixty nine sixty nine income. I like it because it's not the a it's a beast fund. Look episode lineup tonight. We've got dr lawrence bows ds on the show with us. Wolf healthy also known as mike cleary and erik huffman of around the horn breaks said have got on the show ethics ravenous longtime listener first-time caller. Well you've called the bunch. We just didn't answer. We didn't use to have a voicemail and we set it up just really appreciate it. Are we got a lot of stuff. They got a fun little thing going on. I didn't quite understand what it was sort of ponzi scheme that i don't get there on the show. We're going to feel a little bit about it tonight. We're going to talk a lot about baseball tonight. Very excited about it. So let's take a quick break and we'll get our guest. The spivey brothers here but who is joining them today. Who is it who is sit back. And let's find out together with get to know your guest all right. Let's get to our guests. Mike an air on the show. Let's start with an easy one. How do we know you guys. I think that's probably the hardest question of the day. We're going to get i. My first memory is a party at your house and playing beer pong and then we work together at best buy everything before that felt like a blackout. And that's where. I got my nickname. Johnny elbows remember correctly. That's exactly what you get the nickname we worked together squad. I remember you walking in a we have a new transfer roosevelt single sex. Great round the widen every door here. Flops can couldn't hold me back all right easy question before we find out about this crazy baseball card ponzi scheme on these scheme or whatever it is. What is your spirit animal. We're going to start with eric. Is our big dog a dog. That's going to be hug okay. So minds donkey jackass also really hard worker. But i'm also really lazy. So i think it makes them. Can you be both lazy into her. Have you seen a donkey donkeys working hard as a choice honestly they just strap that stuff too. I don't work hard choice. i think the first donkey. We've gotten we've netflix donkey. Before or a pug are you ordering a pizza. You only get three toppings. What are the three. Toppings can ask a very important clarifying question here. Yes does all meet comes one topping. No no shit. Well then cook oddly enough. My toppings would be mushroom olive and onion so no me read pepperoni sausage. There you go. I had a i my first real pizza encounter with opinion on it at this pizza place. I can't think of the name for old town pizza. It was so good but it had jalapenos opinions peppers in chicken and tomatoes. It was so good. I love pizza. I think the peppers is what gets me. I've been really adding too much. aaa order. Something about the grilled peppers. Just want more stuff in there. Like what things can i get triple. Rapper doesn't fit. I don't want you to tell them after they scoop the first one on there then utah multiple meet after the devil. That's the appropriate thing. All right let's move onto baseball cards. Which is why you guys are here. Other than the fact that you're my friends have been trying to get you on for a long time What is your earliest baseball card memory. That's a good question Well i grew up in the area. And i remember in foster city. We had a little bridge so went over the lagoon. Remember riding my bike over. Laguna rollerblading over the lagoon. There was a card store next to lucky. And i'd go in there and it'd be five bucks a grab bag of cards which thinking back to this day was back braff cards that the store put in a bag so kids like me would go in and buy them never remember getting anything good out of them but for me it was quantity or quality and i remember always going down there grabbing a bag of cars and the waterfront pizza playing arcade games. That was my earliest memory. That's a good day. I used to bikes to the market. Get it to the propaganda and then put the cartoon

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